Updated High Street Plans: Take a look!

We have been working on additions to the developing High Street plans and the current plans are here for you to have a look and let us know what you think! We have had lots of positive feedback about the central median strip as a way to cross the street informally in between the formal crossings, we will be posting more examples of other similar streets where this has been done to provide more information on how it works.

DIY Streets High Street Plans – Jan 2015

Over the last week we have had lots of new ideas put forward which we are trying to incorporate into the developing vision for the area. Here are some of your suggestions:

  • Street lighting: As Kings Heath has a vibrant evening economy, poor lighting along the street has been pointed out as something which may affect how people feel in the street and how the centre is perceived during the evening. Better lighting has been pointed out as a way to create a much safer and welcoming area for people who both live in the area and visit the High Street particularly during the evenings.
  • Gateway features: We have already proposed Gateway features at the Northern and Southern ends of the High Street to enhance a sense of arrival. It has been suggested that gateway features could also be located on the independent side streets such as York/ Heathfield/ Poplar Road to create a holistic character in the area and bring together the independent side streets as part of the sense of arrival into Kings Heath Centre so they have the same entry design as the High Street.
  • Enlivening the Street: Places to sit, bike parking, visitor signage (signing off street parking facilities, ‘you are here’ visitor boards) are aspects of the design that we are developing at the moment, particularly the most appropriate siting of these. The main feeling from most people we have spoken to is that anything that is proposed must be coordinated and coherent to help reduce clutter and increase the character of the street. We agree!

 What do you think?

We are going to be running through these plans at the meeting on Tuesday evening for further feedback and input from the local community and after this we will begin to finalise recommendations to the Council.

Come along and have your say on the developing High Street Designs at our up and coming events!

Come along and have your say on the developing High Street Designs at our up and coming events!

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