‘On the street’ co-design workshop

We had a great workshop on a very cold Saturday in January where we animated the shop front of the vacant Phones4U shop with the current plans for the High Street for feedback with some workshop activities specifically around how people use the High Street and how they might like to use it. For example, we were asking people where they might like seating, bike parking and where they thought visitor signage may be best located. We were also asking people what they thought of the median central strip idea to facilitate for informal crossing along the High Street in between the formal crossings.

We had a great response from people who stopped by and had a chat with us with some great ideas being out forward, some of them are below. Here are some of the images from the day and some of the feedback that people left us, thanks to everyone who stopped by. We also had visits throughout the day from ‘Elvis’, we were told he is quite infamous in Kings Heath!

20150124_12200220150124_122003  20150124_122020 20150124_124738 20150124_124748 20150124_130721 20150124_130726 20150124_131618 20150124_131621 20150124_131625 20150124_131630 20150124_141730 20150124_141731 20150124_141740 20150124_141745 20150124_141750 20150124_141753 20150124_141754 20150124_141759 20150124_141811 20150124_141815 20150124_141823 20150124_141826 20150124_141828 20150124_141832 20150124_141835  20150124_141840

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