Kings Heath High Street: Have your say!

We have been inundated with requests over the past few weeks about how people can find out more about the project, have a chat with the team and get involved in the developing design for the High Street so here are our up and coming events.

The first is this Saturday on the High Street 12 – 2:30pm so hopefully see you there! We are going to be asking for general feedback on the current plans and running a drop by design workshop on some specific aspects of the design. We will be animating the empty Phones 4u shop with the plans and your ideas for the afternoon, if you are interested feel free to pop along and talk to us!

We will share all of the feedback, suggestions and ideas that we get on the blog page next week!

Come along and have your say on the developing High Street Designs at our up and coming events!

Then what’s next? The next few DIY Streets events are to enable people to continue their input and help develop the design for the High Street into the final stages. The plan is to refine the details and make amendments according to the feedback we get. At this stage the design is still very much in development, we would like to hear from you if you haven’t spoken with us already! We are following an adaptive process to try and reach an overall local consensus on the most appropriate solution to make the High Street a safer and more attractive place for everyone that uses it.  We will hand over our final suggestions to the Council in mid-February, who will look at specifics such as traffic modelling and a safety audit, the designs will then undergo formal Council consultation and approvals process.

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