Kings Heath High Street: The developing proposals

We are now moving into the final stages of the project which involve refining the details, making amendments according to the feedback and suggestions we get. At this stage the design is still very much in development and open for input, we would like to hear from you if you haven’t spoken with us already! We are following an adaptive process to try and reach an overall local consensus on the most appropriate solution to make the High Street a safer and more attractive place for everyone that uses it. The idea is to hand over our final suggestions to the Council in mid- February.

You can view the current plans here: DIY Streets High Street Plans Autumn 2014. We have already had lots of suggestions and feedback on these current plans so please get involved!

So far through the project we have been using the DIY Streets KH social media pages to share ideas and get feedback on the emerging High Street plans but as the project has grown, we have had lots of requests for a website too. We have set this up as another way for people to share ideas, leave comments and suggestions. More content will be added over the coming weeks so watch this space!

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